Původ Marabú
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Marabu origin

Marabu is an invasive woody plant that currently grows mainly in Cuba.

Charcoal is produced by carbonizing hardwood in furnaces at temperatures between 400 and 700 ° C without air access.

This woody bush is considered a weed in Cuba, and its deforestation contributes to the purification of the soil, which is subsequently prepared for agricultural use.

Thus, the whole process of extraction and subsequent production is considered very beneficial, and marabu charcoal becomes a socially and environmentally responsible product.

Původ Marabú
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Wood Marabu

Cuban marabu gives dishes an intense smoky aroma and is suitable for the preparation of any ingredients.

Thanks to its high calorific value, marabu can burn very long indeed. And this is up to twice longer than the common types of charcoal available in our country, which are mostly made from soft wood species. Of course, the long burning life of marabu significantly reduces operating costs.

Due to the high calorific value and long burning time, there are overall savings not only when buying coal as such, but also when storing it. For the same burning time, you consume 40% to 60% less charcoal. As a result, this means not only financial savings, saving storage space, but also less frequent supply.

Marabu charcoal is very easy to ignite, it has a low sparking level, high calorific value and impressively small amount of residual ash. (For example, from a 10 kg bag of coal, you will only have 100 g of ash left after grilling.)
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